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Authentic style European License Plates CUSTOM MADE for your MINI Cooper, MINI Cooper S, or other vehicle. Don't settle for the imitations.   These are the real thing.

Authentic European tags are the perfect accessory for your MINI! 
Our plate blanks are imported from Europe, and stamped to your specifications here in the USA.  Plates measure approx. 4 1/2" X 20 1/2", and are made of high quality aluminum.   Choose any combination of letters and numbers.  9-11 spaces available (depending on letters). We'll call you if there's any problem with fit.

Choose from the new EEC "European Economic Community" style, country specific, GB for Great Britain etc., or the Standard Euro Plate with multiple color options! Contact us if you don't see the country you want.  
A universal black license plate frame is available for $15.00 with plate order. (Frame only: $42 shipping included).

NEW! Just Added EEC Plates from the following countries:
Poland, Denmark, Spain, Sweden, Finland, Ireland, Holland and more!

EEC plates - Blue stripes:
GB (Great Britain)
D (Germany)
I (Italy)
F (France).

Great Britain EEC Plate: GB_EEC.jpg (4016 bytes) cooper s.jpg (4241 bytes) mini 2.jpg (3141 bytes) lets motr.jpg (4139 bytes) mini-mize.jpg (3886 bytes)


Germany EEC Plate: German_EEC.jpg (3840 bytes)
Italy EEC Plate: Ital_EEC.jpg (4168 bytes)
France EEC Plate: French_EEC.jpg (5668 bytes)
Zoll Tourist Plate: Zoll_tourist.jpg (4168 bytes)
Zoll Tourist Plate (pre 1990): Zoll_oval_pre1990.gif (2157 bytes) Oval plate perfect for pre-1990 vehicles.

Deporting a car from Europe requires a Zoll plate. The numbers in the red area signify the expiration date.

Standard Euro Plate: standard_german.jpg (10442 bytes)
No blue stripe. Up to 11 characters. 

Multiple color combinations available.
Background Colors:
white_ref.jpg (631 bytes) White reflective
Non-Reflective Colors:
white.jpg (631 bytes) White
yellow.jpg (634 bytes) Yellow
green.jpg (633 bytes) Green
black.jpg (631 bytes) Black
blue.jpg (633 bytes) Blue
red.jpg (632 bytes) Red

Letter Colors:
black.jpg (631 bytes) Black
silver.jpg (631 bytes) Silver

Price: $65.00 per plate, or $120.00 per pair.  FREE shipping within the U.S.
Delivery time is approximately 1-2 weeks. We offer a 100% unconditional money-back guarantee!
Universal Plate Frame only: $42.00, shipping included. plateframe.gif (2179 bytes) 
Holes line up with virtually any pattern, standard USA or other.

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